The largest among all of the Roll-on Roll-off skips is the 40 yard skip. It is also the largest available skip in the UK. They are mostly hired by clients for industrial and commercial jobs that produce enormous amounts of rubbish.

Although skips are great for getting rid of most types of waste, there some items that are not allowed to be thrown in any skips. These items include Asbestos, Chemicals, Hazardous Materials, Fluorescent Bulbs, Batteries, Tyres, Electrical Items, Gas Cylinders, Paint

The 40 yard Roll-on Roll-off skips are the choice for industrial and commercial waste removal projects. They are mostly used in constructions sites for disposing of large amounts of construction waste, heavy materials and bulky items.

Skip hire permits are only required for skips intended to be placed on council owned land and premises. The cost depending on the council. If the skips are going to be placed on privately owned properties, there are no permits required.

Measurements for a 40 yard skip

40 cubic yards 8′ 9″ 19′ 2″ 7′ 8″
30.58 cubic metres 2.67 metres 5.86 metres 2.38 metres