Essentially, 6 yards builder’s skip is a catch-all term used to refer to our 6 yardskip sizes here at Best Skip Hire.Now, it can be a fairly loose term within the industry, so you might find that other skip hire companies also use it to encompass slightly smaller or larger sizes. On the whole, though, it can reliably be said to include the 6 yard skips at the very least.

Builder’s skips are highly versatile. Commercial and domestic skip hire customers alike find them spacious enough for the vast majority of jobs, but small enough to be easily accommodated on private land. This last bit is important, as it can help save you money on skip hire permits!

If you’re in a rush (as many people are when they’re trying to hire a skip for a day), it sometimes be easy to get tripped up on the terminology for builder’s skips. An especially important thing to remember is that 6 yardare both terms that refer to the skip’s capacity, not its length. Before you hire a builder’s skip, take an extra second to be clear on what its exact measurements are. Otherwise, you may well find yourself having to hire another!

Measurements for a 6 yard builder’s skip

6 cubic yards 4′ 0″ 8′ 6″ 5′ 0″
4.6 cubic metres 1.22 metres 2.6 metres 1.52 metres